Signs that you may be a developer

Updated Jul 29, 2019・1 minute read Post By Dev Dojo
Signs that you may be a developer

Being a developer is definitely something that you can learn; however, some people are born with this innate feeling of developer related tendencies and mind sets.

Here's a list of 6 signs to know if you are destined to be a developer.

1. Opening your laptop, brings you more joy

than hanging out with other people

2. Your success doesn't look much like this:

Yet, more like this:

3. Your opinion of someone...

Can dramatically change based on their browser preference

4. You release your first Open source project

And someone contributes to your code

5. You accidentally hurt your baby...

And it makes you sick to your stomach

6. You should be hacking away on your project

But instead you find yourself viewing animated gifs in an article titled 'Signs that you may be a developer'

Yep, I'm talking about you. Get back to work.

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