10 Tips on Writing Good Articles

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10 Tips on Writing Good Articles

Why are you reading this article? Is it even worth your time?

It's hard to keep your readers engaged, and sometimes a catchy title isn't enough. Sometimes you need fireworks and explosions. Watch... Here are some fireworks:

And here is an awesome Iron Man explosion Gif:

Now, you're still reading right?

This is the kind of stuff your articles need to keep users engaged. Here is a list of things that you may want to incorporate in your articles to keep your readers engaged. Here are your

10 Tips on Writing Good Articles:

  1. Solve a Problem! - For instance, our problem is "Readers don't get engaged as easily". Solve a problem and your audience will want to keep reading.
  2. Add an Animated GIF - Animated Gifs are amazing, plus it gives your readers a little break inbetween. Just as another example, I'm sure you'll appreciate this GIF

He thinks he's flying... That's adorable.

  1. Add a List... For instance, this is number 3 of our list. Readers like to read steps to solving the problem.
  2. Add some originality - Be yourself, express your opinion, and maybe even add a drawing...

  1. Don't use internet slang or abbreviations - LOL, you know what I mean? OMG, that is too funny. We're not texting anyone here... We're talking to the reader. Use the full word, there's no need to abbreviate in your articles.
  2. Add an intriguing featured thumbnail - We chose an image that from shutterstock.com and manipulated a little bit. Spend a little time on your image, it's kind of like a book cover. No one's going to want to read a book with a crappy cover.
  3. Add links - For instance, above the Iron Man GIF we added a link to the Iron Man IMDB page, so if you're unfamiliar with Iron Man you can click the link. (If you don't know Iron Man... I question your humanity, but that's beside the point...)
  4. Add some of yourself into the article - It's ok to get a little personal, the people reading your article probably want to know a little about your opinion.
  5. Add good content - if you find yourself writing and questioning the people who would want to read your article... You need to stop writing... You should want to read your own stuff!
  6. Keep it reasonably short - Your readers aren't settling in to read a novel, they want a 5-10 minute article max, so keep it reasonably short...

And that's it. Another animated GIF below to keep you reading...

Keep to these guidelines and your readers will be much happier :)

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