Most of the web developers agree that both React and Angular are the open-source JavaScript framework. Compared to React, Angular has arrived early. It is the widely used programming language that helps to build web applications with amazing features.

Angular and React was developed by Google, it helps developers to solve lots of issues related to single-page applications(SPA).

React helps to synchronize the data automatically between the model and view controller. React is a JavaScript library used to create user interfaces (UI) developed by FB. React is shortly called as Written Once and Run Anywhere (WORA). It is the 5th most starred JavaScript library, falling behind Angular, HTML and jQuery.

Pros of ReactJS

1. Isomorphic JavaScript

2. Virtual DOM

3. Manage all UI updates

4. Ease of Debugging

Reasons to choose React

React suits to component-based UI. It helps to modularize the applications and components. With React you will get an additional benefit of JSX.

Top 5 applications use ReactJS

1. Facebook

2. Whatsapp

3. Instagram

4. Netflix

5. Yahoo Mail

In India, almost 48 thousand websites are built using the ReactJS framework. Also, you can find the error and fix issues in a short duration.

ReactJS was preferred by mobile and web app developers, it also allows developers to quick target for iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform. Netflix and Airbnb are the top ReactJS companies. To get a lucrative career, join ReactJS Training in Chennai. Expert guidance is helpful for all. Modern websites are built using Model View Controller architecture.


Build your very first web application with ReactJS framework support. The specialist approach is helpful to learn everything in minimal duration. As per the student need both weekdays and weekend classes are arranged. Use this opportunity and enrich your skills in this field.

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