eCommerce is a flourishing industry with millions of retailers investing year over year. A global share of a digital retail business is continuously enlarging with a total sales of 2290 billion USD, with an anticipated rise of 20% in the upcoming future.

Many retailers have already fixed their claws in the market whereas numerous other are ready to dive into the tide of digital retail. This calls for a great skill to compete amongst others.

Retailers need to provide a strong foundation (in the form of frameworks, themes, web platforms, etc.) to their web stores. To cut short the design and development process, PHP offers a huge scope of a progressive setup environment.

This writing is dedicated to PHP contribution to your eCommerce setup and other important considerations for a powerful presence.

Why PHP?

PHP is an open-source, flexible, and versatile scripting language. It provides you a powerful set of scalable tools that can boost your business to a great extent. Also, it is

- cost-efficient than any other web platform,

- a powerful CMS for eCommerce,

- fast and scalable,

- compatible and it offers analytics options.

Additionally, PHP offers you multiple frameworks to choose, unlike other web platforms where you are forced to utilize the default one. Though there are multiple PHP frameworks available still you need only one. It is quite a confusing task for any merchant to choose the perfect fit for their business endeavors.

Choosing a custom approach with PHP in association with a development company is always the best option for building high traffic websites. Hiring experts to develop eCommerce websites from scratch is important due to the technical expertise required in the usage of PHP.

However, you can choose a PHP framework on your own. Still, you need to consider some tips that can help you to narrow down your research while selecting a specific one. Let’s get started below:-

- Analyze the goal of your application

Instead of directly start exploring different PHP frameworks available, you need to be clear on what are you looking for? Like what kind of a website you want to build. Is it an eCommerce store or a custom web application or social network application?

Answering all these questions will definitely allow you to choose the best framework that complements all your business needs.

For instance, if you wish to set up an eCommerce website, you must be requiring a payment gateway or some other plugins and 3rd party integrations.

- Design Patterns

Design is a key element for a retail website. Therefore, choosing a PHP framework that offers you the best design patterns on the latest terminology is essential.

In the current time, the MVC (model view controller) design pattern is trending in web programming. Because you can easily get fast development process for large size web applications. It is quite significant to choose an MVC architecture.

In context with PHP frameworks, Laravel is the best choice to develop MVC based applications.

- Security

A sturdy mechanism is a must for developing PHP framework to fight against security issues like XSS, cookie attacks, and more. You should always consider the security aspect seriously while choosing a PHP framework to keep away the vulnerabilities away from your eCommerce store.

- Developers community

A good developers’ community along with a great no. of external packages are recommended for every eCommerce setup. Choosing a popular and well-recognized platform is a good option as there will be more support available.


With the tips discussed here, I have come to the end of this article. Whenever you plan to set up an eCommerce store it is important to keep them well in mind before choosing a specific PHP framework.

All these tips are well-analyzed to cut down on the hassles of finding a perfect option for accomplishing a powerful online store with complete ease.


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