why online businesses today require the best e-commerce platform to run their business successfully

Updated Sep 11, 2019・6 minute read Post By Amit Agrawal
why online businesses today require the best e-commerce platform to run their business successfully

Internet today isn’t just an information library for users, but it is the greatest business development platform. More than half of the world is today on internet and has a great buying potential. With each business having its ideal audience looking for solutions online, the presence on the world wide web is not just an option but has becomes a necessity. 

Be it the finance business, the real estate business, the automobile business, the travel business, the IT services sector, the hospitality business, the education sector, the on-demand economy, the retail business or the healthcare sector, each sector has its own list of opportunities online and own set of perks. And with this, one of the most significantly growing sectors on the world wide web is the retail sector. Retail IT solutions, better known as the eCommerce solutions, are one of the most popular concepts on the world wide web, and also the most successful one.

Online retail industry has picked over the world by storm, be any product, from a huge building to a small memory card, everything is available online and people are buying it. The online retail is growing by almost 18% every year, and this ratio ever rising. With the evolution of the eCommerce industry, online shopping or online retail has completely transformed and it has become more seamless and convenient than ever. 

Today, more than 60% of the users prefer online shopping over traditional way of store shopping. Retail eCommerce solutions have completely revolutionised the way retail businesses pitch their offerings and how easily users can find the perfect products for their needs. With this, online marketing has also helped the eCommerce business to grow rapidly as traditional means of marketing were restricted to a geographical location and were slow, while the online marketing helps businesses promote their products fast and to the most appropriate audience. The list of perks of retail eCommerce solutions continues a long way.

The eCommerce solutions are not just restricted to the web world but, mobile app world also serves as one of the best business growth platforms for the online retail sector. Today, with the increasing eCommerce competition in the web world, a majority of online retail businesses choose Android or iPhone application development for their mobile eCommerce app solution. This helps them gain over the huge smartphone audience by promoting their app in the huge mobile app world. With all that said, you might be convinced that how important is the eCommerce platform for retail businesses. So, let us see some of the top perks of eCommerce platform for the retail sector:

1) You Get A Universal Exposure 

One of the biggest benefits of the eCommerce business platform is that you get a universal exposure. And by universal exposure, it isn’t just meant that your brand will get a universal popularity but it also means that now you can promote your business to a universal customer base. Unlike the traditional brick & mortar stores, where your business was bound to a geographical location, with the retail IT solutions, you have a universal customer base. 

Shoppers can buy your products from all the locations you wish to sell to, and you just have to deliver your products to them. Doesn’t it look fascinating? It actually is! And that is the major reason why the eCommerce business model has grown so rapidly in the world. It isn’t just beneficial for the businesses, but with this, users can also order products from other locations, without having to go there and buy it yourself.

2) You Can Market and Promote Far Better 

Forget the old ways of marketing as retail eCommerce solutions bring you online and now promotions mean online marketing, which is fast and more promising. Unlike the old marketing practices like physical banners and print media channels, the new online marketing channels allows you to reach to your end consumers in the fastest possible ways and of course the best one! You can promote your eCommerce website through SEO (search engine optimisation), you can use paid marketing channels like PPC (pay per click ads) and product listing ads that are especially crafted for eCommerce businesses. 

With this, you can promote your products through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc. With this, email marketing and browser notifications are other channels where you can advertise your eCommerce store and product offerings. These perks don’t end here, but by online marketing you are actually able to decide the audience you want to show your ads or your digital banners. So, if you know your customer base, you can directly reach out to them to promote your product offerings and eCommerce store.

3) Online Shopping is the New Trend

It is as clear as it sounds, users prefer online shopping over the traditional way of shopping through brick & mortar stores. The eCommerce business model has evolved greatly over the years and today, the eCommerce solutions offer great seamless shopping experiences to the shoppers. It is as simple as searching for a product online, seeing the recommendations, comparing prices on different platforms, filtering through the details, and clicking on the ‘buy now’ button to get the product delivered at your doorsteps. 

Doesn’t it sound like a fairy tale come true? It surely is a fairy tale come true! Ecommerce solutions have redefined the way people buy stuff and it is becoming more seamless and secure with the growth of technology each day.

4) The Great Mobile App World Awaits You 

Ecommerce business model isn’t restricted to the world wide web and is for the mobile app world as well. In fact, with the ever-rising competition in the web world, businesses now prefer to go for Android or iPhone application development for their new eCommerce app solution. This helps them to cut down on the competition, deliver more seamless shopping experience and leverage the large number of perks offered by the mobile app platform over the web world. 

These perks include – superior marketing features, creating great presence in the minds of your customers, and getting a better customer reach through mobile app solutions. Mobile shopping is rapidly growing and will soon overshadow shopping through the web world.

5) Reduced Business Setup Cost 

Ecommerce business model is a boon for startups as now they don’t have to invest in setting up a brick & mortar store for their products, instead they can directly start selling their stuff through the internet in a minimal investment. This minimal investment can be as low as $0. Startups today use their social media channels and social media pages to promote their product offerings and earn profits without any investment. For building trust and leading as a superior brand you can also start with building a small eCommerce website and then expand your business by building an eCommerce mobile application.

6) Reducing the Risks Associated to Business Expansion 

Now you can reduce the risk of your startup retail business as now factors like location and wrong customer base wouldn’t affect your overall business. Instead with the retail IT solutions you can now sell your products online as well and therefore you are likely to find the best customer base for your products. This helps you reduce down the risk of your business failure. Great businesses follow the concept of eCommerce marketplace where they just help retailers to sell their products online through a common eCommerce platform and earn through commission on sales revenue.

7) You Can Personalise Shopping Experience for Your Customers

 Along with personalised marketing you can now offer product customisation options on your eCommerce website or app and this can help you grow your sales. With this, you can offer great discounts to your regular customers. With this, you can remarket to customers who have previously shown interest in your product offerings, through email marketing, paid marketing, or social media marketing.

The business competition in the eCommerce sector is growing significantly owing to the perks of eCommerce business model and therefore, businesses need to make sure that what would be the best platform for their eCommerce business, it could be a website, a social media channel, or a mobile app. Choose the best platform according to your product offerings and target customer base.

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