How Can Big Data Unlock The Value Of IoT

Updated Jan 2, 2020・3 minute read Post By Amit Agrawal
How Can Big Data Unlock The Value Of IoT

IoT is the latest ‘IT’ thing in the world of technology. ‘internet of things solutions’ is the single tool which is going to or already is propelling our world to great new heights. For a simple person to understand, IoT is simply a system of interrelated digital, mechanical and computing devices with unique identifiers. This system allows the ‘flow’ of data to and fro within the network without any human assistance. Quite a marvel.

To take things to the next level, the experts are proposing the power-packed duo of combining IoT with Big Data. For the unaware, Big Data is the field that analyses and extracts the information and then utilizes the gained information for the data processing software. This technology is generally used in customer care services by a big data development company to better understand the patterns of their likes, preferences and previous history in order to better suggest them with the relevant products and various other sales related information. So, what happens when Big data is combined with IoT?

How big data can unlock the value of IoT

Let us explore the basis of such a theory:

1. Origin of Data From Activity

It is being proposed that there are massive amounts of data as minute as the flapping of the wings, changes in the room temperature or even the moving of huge shipping containers which can be tapped-in in order to convert them into useful information. This basically implies that all activities can be converted into some form of useful data by the combination of IoT with Big data Cloud Solutions.

2. Data into More Data

This is quite simple, where any form of data collected is further utilized to predict a better performance-based analysis. This can be used to schedule maintenance schedule for electronic transformers or the inventory movements that occur in the automated warehouses which give rise to data through their performances; this performance data can be fed back to improve the future performance by predicting the when and where to schedule a service or required maintenance.

3. Competition in Unique Platforms

The combination of Big data with the Internet of things solutions will bring about competition in fields which have not seen any form of competition so far. This has already been seen in the case of the luxury car makers who tend to create a platform to offer connected vehicle services. The main concept of combining Big Data cloud solution with IoT is to capture the data from the everyday real world and to create a usable value out of it. Here are a few ways to do this:

4. Data-Created Specifications

The status and performances of certain devices are converted into algorithms. This is further utilized to create a specific schedule for maintenance, thus leading to better performance. This helps in extending the operative lives, thus causing a major reduction in the downtime. This further reduces costs as compared to the ‘regular’ schedules.

5. The Internal Data Market

In order to make a better sense out of the collected data, it needs to be combined with various other data from the other related machinery, data related to weather, other data about the operators, owners, and the nearby environments. This creates various new data which in turn leads to quick answers and further new questions which will further enhance the performances of such a machine.

6. The requires Data Nudges

The IoT App development Company acquires the analysis which is derived from the data collected from the recorded activities of a device or devices, which can further help the user to make use of their machines in a more effective way. This further helps in the improvement of safety precautions and drastically decreases the risk factors.

7. The Data Services

This implies that the data retrieved by a certain source can be more valuable when it is sold out to a third party by a big data development company. This will surely find a wider application in the fields of transport and logistics.

Final Few Words

It is safe to state that IoT is going to revolutionize the world we live in. There is going to be a further enhancement of ‘smart’ in our everyday lives and the society we live in will require the need to utilize this technology to stay relevant in the competitive world. Now, the latest trend is to be able to tap-in the data received to a more valuable form in order to stay an edge above the other competitors.

This is basically done by being able to offer better customer services, enhance productivity, offer better result-oriented solutions to name a few. However, just like all things good, there are a few challenges that the combination of Internet of things solutions with the Big data will face. Money is a prime challenging factor. It is a no-brainer that IOT and Big data are major investments and require capital. These are also risky, as there is always a threat to privacy, theft of valuable information, etc. 

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