Laravel 5 installation in localhost

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  • sona-thakker 2 years ago

     I am new to Laravel i had installed Laravel 5 from localhost and when i call the URL like HTTP://localhost/laravel2/  instead of welcome page i am getting directory listing or object not found , what to do ?

        I had tried to cut ht-access from public directory and paste it to root directory but nothing works.

        Help will be appreciated.

  • mark 2 years ago

    What tool are you using to run it locally?

  • sona-thakker 2 years ago

    Using Xampp and now i solved it by renaming server.php to index.php :)

  • mark 2 years ago

    Okay. Else I could recommend this reading:

  • sona-thakker 2 years ago

    ok thanks 

  • sona-thakker 2 years ago

    Can i have code or link to learn crud operation 

  • sona-thakker 2 years ago

    How to use form and html ?

  • sebastian-späth 2 years ago

    You can also run your application with:

    php artisan serve (


    For using a form with laravel i think the following video can help you:

  • sona-thakker 2 years ago

    M getting this type of error

     FatalErrorException in ProviderRepository.php line 146:

    Class 'Collective\Html\HtmlServiceProvider' not found

  • sona-thakker 2 years ago

    I want html form without composer and i had solved with the htlp of following link :

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