eCommerce is a flourishing industry with millions of retailers investing year over year. A global share of a retail eCommerce store is being continuously enlarged with a total sales of 2290 billion USD. This growth is anticipated to rise by 20% in the near future.

Talking about setting up a compelling eCommerce store, PHP powered frameworks are the best to opt for. It is due to flexibile, versatile, and open-source nature of this scripting language. With a powerful adoption of PHP in your eCommerce aspirations, you can build quite scalable and robust tools for business.

Apart from choosing a suitable PHP framework for website building, it is also essential for you to consider other aspects of website design and development to ensure long-term success. Below, I have come with a list of some crucial elements for your reference.

Let’s get started below:-


When eCommerce was emerging and there was hardly any competition initially, consumers were not at all demanding. They were simply adapting the shift in their traditional buying modes.

However, this acceptance has been affected largely with an increasing no. of retailers jumping in the industry with different offerings plus technological advancements. As a result, today’s consumers have become more demanding.

And, UX or UI on your website is the foremost concern of eCommerce that impacts the end users’ buying decision to a great extent.

You need to take UI of your PHP powered store to a next level by creating user experiences that are specifically tailored to your targeted audiences. Staying up-to-date with the latest design trends to deliver winning UX is crucial for every PHP development services provider.


Nowadays, consumers are expecting mobiles to fulfill their everyday needs like shopping, ordering food, etc. And, designers and developers should be able to meet these demands. Opting for PWAs in your eCommerce dealings shall help you to combat such challenges.

PWAs, better known as Progressive Web Apps are built to provide users with a collective experience of web and mobile application. With its modern web APIs, you can deliver an app like experiences to users without leaving the web browsers.

Unlike traditional mobile applications, you don’t need to download, install or update these apps on users’ devices. Some of the advantages of PWAs over Native apps are Ease of use, HTTPs secured environment, ease of working offline (no need of internet), highly responsive, and linkable.


An encrypted communication over internet is an easy way to save your users from security thefts and other data breaches. When you utilize HTTPs links for your website, it clearly depicts the end users that any data sent or receive is completely encrypted and secure.

To display HTTPs (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) in website URL, you need to secure your website by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificate. In general, such implementations occur in a shape of LOCK in green color (left-hand side of URL).

An appropriate implementation of SSL & HTTPs ascertains an untroubled data transfer between your server and users’ browser. It generally works in a key pair i.e. ‘public pair’ and ‘private pair’ that works in a combination of cryptographic processes to secure the whole website.

Customer Support

At last, I wish to list the crucial aspect of any online trade i.e. custom support. Any new user landing on your website may not know every bit of it. So, you can simply offer them a Live Chat. This way you can simply cut down the gap between your brand and users’ expectations.

Apart from this, providing 24x7 customer support for potential users who have already made a purchase from you is also a great practice to perform.


In summary, I would like to emphasize the importance of best practices involved in any kind of web design and development. If you don’t pay attention to these, you may not be able to harvest as much as you aspire from current eCommerce industry.

All the above-mentioned tricks are quite useful while creating a website that actually converts. In addition to these, you can always ask your PHP expert to make the website more powerful.


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